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Wedding, Honeymoon, Groups, or Solo Travel

No matter the purpose of your vacation we are here to help you navigate the special needs of each.

     Destination Weddings have different governmental requirements in each location and we are going to help you navigate each step. Wedding package inclusions and costs vary from resort to resort but we can help you find what fits that dream you have had since you were a child. 

     Honeymoons are precious memories that allow you to recover from the rigors of the wedding planning and enjoy uninterrupted time with your partner before life's realities as a new couple must be faced. Let us help ensure this time is perfect for both of your interests and desires. 

     Groups are a lot of fun to be in but the organizing and staying on top of details not so much. We are here to be the main contact point, to save you the late night calls, to do the work while you spend time discussing the fun things your group wants to do. 

     Solo Travel can be scary, daunting, self enlightening, and so very rewarding. I do a lot of solo travel and it taught me more about myself than I thought possible. There are more and more options for great solo travel all the time. I am excited to find the one that fits your travel style. 

What Kind of Vacation do you want ?

     The Caribbean is easy to choose based on its beauty alone;but, it is the people and traditions that make each island unique and worth their own visit. I make it a point to visit a variety of areas, resorts, and try many tours to get a real feel of each place. These experiences can help match you to an island and a wonderful new home away from home.

     Mexico offers such a diverse variety of options. Feel like you are in the Caribbean, a Mexican city in the heart of the beautiful country, or visit the Pacific/Baja area with its diverse landscapes and marine life.

     Hawaii can share with you such a vast range of experiences. Each island offers its own unique options. Whether you want fast paced, laid back, cowboy or Polynesian history, sand, snow, or volcanoes it has something for everyone with no passport required from the U.S. Visit more than one island of you can't decide. We can set up just the kind of vacation YOU want.

     Tahiti is more reachable than you think being only 8 ours from Los Angeles. You can cruise the islands, focus on one, or hop to your hearts content. The picturesque Over Water Bungalows are like post cards at every turn. Offering tours in the water and on land this is the bucket list destination that can be checked off your list easier than you think.

     Cruises can take you to such a variety of places across the world. The ships and cruise lines vary almost as much as their destinations. If you have a vacation in mind you will likely find a cruise to match. Enjoy your floating hotel as you explore your ports of call. You can extend many cruise experiences with land packages and tours. Let my experience and training make finding that your cruise easy.

     Guided, semi-guided, and self drive vacations are available across our globe. Want to be super active and challenge yourself? Want to immerse yourself in history ? Are you self reliant and want to drive but would like planned lodging and some tours? Do you want to tour with others your age or as a solo traveler? There are lots of options for you. 

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