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Clients return from Peru and the Amazon

Posted on August 23, 2019 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (14278)

 My clients have reutrned from thier Peru/Amazon trip. They loved it and recommend it to future travelers but also found it to be challenging and rewarding in ways they never expected. This 2 week trip started in Lima Peru but saw them do a four day hike of the Inca trail to Machu Pichu and finished with nights spent in the Amazon jungle. We decided to work with G Adventures for this trip as It offerd the hiking option they were seeking. 

This was thier first time in Peru. Lima was suprising to them as it is so full of people and traffic. The water and light show was a highlight for them. They really enjoyed that Cusco offered a lot of local flavor before and after the Hike.  They got to pet LLamas and even tried it as a delicacy. Speaking of deicacy they all tried guinie pig. These days before the hike helped them get used to the elevation before the Hike. They had been training here in the U.S. doing hikes and parring down thier packing to be ready for the trip. They found that it was more challengeing than they expected and that they had overpacked a bit. If you want to have real like feed back on this I would be happy to share. Hiking of the Inca trail meant a lot of hiking both up and down in elevations. The group and the porters really cheer you on and really want to make sure you acheive your goal. They said the food was suprisingly good all through the hike. My clients did say that they saw and experienced so much going into Machu Pichu this way that they can not even imagine just taking the train or bus and missing out on the experience. Exploring the ruins post hike was rewarding and breath taking ! 

The Amazon section of the trip began with a boat ride into the heart of the Amazon. They stayed at an Eco Resort with nets around the beds and did several trecks to see the wildlife at day and at night.  They litterally took over 4000 pictures on this trip and had most developed.  I am so happy they did as the Amazon is burning as I write this. It breaks my heart to see thier posts where thye lament that a future trip may be so differnt from the last. 

This is just a glimpse into thier trip and if oyu would like more information on booking your own trip please call 620-481-1659 or fill out the contact form.