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Guided tours or go it alone?

Posted on April 15, 2016 at 10:35 AM

Guided tours or go it alone?

When you decide for the first time to visit a new and exciting destination you have in mind so many things you want to see and do. An adventurous soul may just jump in feet first with some research and an open mind hoping to fulfill their wish list of experiences. Some may wish to have their trip planned from departure to return. Having an itinerary and guide helps them be comfortable with the new experience. Others may want a combination of these experiences where they have an itinerary but lots of free time to see this new place with eyes of their own and away from the group.

Guided tour vacations have many incarnations. There are groups for most interests, age groups and traveling styles. Many groups focus on age groups to bring together like minded individuals for various experiences. Some plan each day from start to finish and provide lodging, transportation, admittance to sites, and most meals. Options exist that include self drive vacations where you pick the hotels and have a local guide who is available to assist you for insider tips and directions. All are great options for the right person. Being honest with me as your agent will help to ensure that I focus on the options that are right for you. There are guided tours that vary from walking to active travel options including biking, hiking, and canoeing.

It takes some soul searching and deciding which of these groups you really fall into. Will you upset if you miss some of the sites you were hoping to see because you came across a hidden gem and spent an unexpected amount of time there? What if you miss that bucket list experience because you got a little lost? Will you be ok traveling in a group and how large of a group are you comfortable with? Will it matter to you if the ages of the other travelers are similar to yours? If you are a solo traveler will you feel more comfortable having a group to fall back on? Guided tours often are able to bypass the long lines at the regular tourist sites; does this matter to you? Tour options often include a day with a local family or insider experience would that make your trip special? What activity level do you hope to maintain for your vacation? We can book whatever type of vacation works for you just call or contact me and your adventure will await you.


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