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Island Girl Vacations and Travel

Memories to last a lifetime!

Tahiti and Hawaii

Tahiti and Hawaii offer so many wonderful vacation experiences. Island hop to see two or more while you are are there. Stay on land, sea or split the difference with an overwater bungalow. Hawaii is closer by a few hours but you can reach Tahiti from LAX in 8 hours. Although they are in a similar location in relation to the equator the experience is different. Hawaii being part of the U.S. means you need no passport but you will need one for Tahiti. Many areas of Hawaii feel more populated than those of Tahiti. You will not find the iconic Overwater Bungalows in Hawaii but you will on most islands across Tahiti. You can explore parts of each with large and small cruises. Uncruise and NCL both depart from Hawaii where Paul Gauguin and Aranui both depart from areas in Tahiti. Many luxury lines also have itineraries that depart each area. If you have a bit more Vacation time there are round trip options from the Pacific Coast of the U.S. 


la Orana (Hello) in December 2018 I was part of the Tahiti Specialist Fam trip to Tahiti. I got to explore 5 of these French Polynesian islands: Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, Ta haa, and Bora Bora. Before the trip we had to complete the Tahiti Tourism course which gave me a good base of information on Tahiti but nothing compares to expiring the islands for yourself.

I finished my Hawaiian Specialist course years ago and send clients to the various islands each year. If you are ready to visit for yourself use the contact form or call 620-481-1659

We spent the most time in Bora Bora and I fell in LOVE! We stayed at 3 different resorts and I was so lucky to stay in 2 different Overwater Bungalows. We also had the most time to explore so we partied at Bloddy Mary's , swam with sharks and rays, and did some of the most beautiful snorkeling I have done to date. 


We took the ferry from Pape'ete to Moorea and explored several resorts before settling in for the night in our own room. These resorts were all very different but offer options for families to couples wanting that special wow bungalow. The snorkeling here, at Ta haa, and in Bora Bora was so colorful.   

We flew into the Kona side of the Big Island early to have some time to recover from the time change and explore the Island. I visited 2 resort options in walking distance to Kona. We did a traditional Luau, shopped and watched the dolphins from our lanai. Our floating hotel for the our adventure cruise was the Safari Explorer an UnCruise luxury yacht. We spent more time in the waters of Hawaii including a night swim with the giant Pacific Manta Ray, getting up close and personal with Pilot Whales, 3 kinds of dolphins, Humpback Whales, and snorkeled the Captain Cook Memorial and other beautiful areas, We cruised the coast of Maui, spent time on Lanai, and finished our trip on the island of Molokai.